Most Improved Curb Appeal Contest

The Amazing Ventnor is organizing the first ever Most Improved Curb Appeal Contest in Ventnor, NJ!

With the upcoming PorchFest in June, they thought lets add a contest to promote some revitalization of our homes in Ventnor, NJ. With a little encouragement of prizes we hope to see a lot of new beautiful front yards this year.



When you come home from work, think about your exterior. Are you a renter? Add some fresh paint or add some gardening to your front. In a multi family building? Team up with your neighbors and freshen up your building! Own a business? Think about how your business looks outside and what you could do, from new awnings to a splash of color can make your business pop!

A good-looking face isn’t just memorable – in real estate, an attractive exterior can make or break a home sale. We asked home professionals for their best tips on creating a sparkling outside that beckons potential buyers inside and help you win the contest:

The Inviting Pathway

Landscaper Eric King maintains that less is more with a design approach that hides unnecessary distractions like an a/c unit, leads your eye naturally to the highlights and reduces clutter to create a welcoming effect like this pathway to the front porch entrance.

Less is More

Few things are more welcoming than cozy outdoor living spaces, but too much clutter on the front porch can scare off buyers when you’re trying to sell a home. Scale your outdoor furniture to the size of your porch. Here, a small wooden bench adds an inviting touch to this home’s entrance without overwhelming the narrow space. The bold pattern in the throw pillows complements the vivid red door.


Privacy and Panache

Potted plants serve two purposes in an outdoor living space: They add a splash of color, and they provide privacy for seating areas. On this porch, a few potted plants offer shelter for a daybed-style swing. Plus, the greenery coordinates with the colors of the throw pillows, tying everything together.hcrbl-211-porch-swing-narrow-view.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.966.1449

Enroll in this year’s annual Most Improved Curb Appeal Contest! Winners will take home excellent prizes, total prizes up to $2,500 for winners.

Contest project work must have been completed between January 1st and May 7th!

All work must be completed and submitted online by May 7th!

Submit your entry at the ticket link below or

Categories Include:
Total Front Make Over
Garden Make Over
Fresh Colors

Total Front Make Over
Enhanced Attachments
Fresh Colors

Do you need help? We have plenty of landscapers to offer, give us a call 609.822.1836! 

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